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Blood pressure History print out, one line per date to save paper.

Easy for the doctor to read history and save paper.

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  • Jan 26 2019
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    Nick Shust commented
    15 Feb 20:32

    Thank you for your input!  This is a feature that we will be adding in the coming months. Keep an eye out for some news letters talking about improvements we will be working on and delivering in the coming months.  This is one of them!

  • Guest commented
    21 Nov 11:18

    All of these are good ideas. Most of them are pretty much the same.

    Being able to print out is good, but:

    1.  Why not just simply email the results to your Primary Care Physician, Heart Specialist, or whoever needs the information?


    2.  Add a filter to select only the results you want to email, print out, or view.


    3.  When choosing to email, send it in a format that is easy for the doctor to open, view, print, or save to your already existing file in their system. I suspect that some form of Excel or xml would be compatible.


    4.  Date and Time stamps for the readings would be very useful, but a graph would get crowded and hard to read, even with one reading, like BP, especially if you're talking about readings over a month or more. While not as pretty, a tabular format, like an Excel spreadsheet would be easier to read.


    5.  If you're comfortable with it, your could always grant your doctor access to your readings on this site, especially if it could be set up so that the doctor has View/Print/Download Only access and ONLY for the readings, NOT for your profile or anything else.